Saturday, September 12, 2009

9/6 Mile 2,045.8-Moxie Bald Lean-to

9/7 Mile 2,060.4-Just before Monson-Monson is the last town that we're stopping in before we go into the infamous 100 mile wilderness. That means we'll leave town with 7 days worth of food and ressupply once more at a small campstore before the finalé.
The leaves are beginning to turn, and by the time we finish the ride home should be nice. As for how we'll get home, Ferdy's cousin Kevin will be driving up with Digger to pick us up. This was part of a deal that Kevin made the first time he heard of our intentions almost a year ago. Some of our friends have more exciting plans. Soundtrack intends to buy a moped in the nearest town and scoot all the way to Detroit, Michigan. Toothpick wants to travel by train back to South Carolina. A Southbounder told us his plan was to bicycle back to Maine from Georgia when he finished in December. Basically, thank you Kevin and Digger.

9/8 Mile 2,063.7-Monson-Taking a Nero day and lounging around the Lakeshore Pub/Hostel.

9/9 Mile 2,078-Long Pond Stream-100.3 miles from Katahdin.

9/10 Mile 2,092.4-East Chairback Pond

9/11 Mile 2,106.8-Logan Brook Lean-to

71.5 miles from Katahdin

--Schooner and Ferdy

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